About Us


We are a Software & Technology Business Development & Outsourcing firm that engages strategy at C-Level. We provide solutions with a business case that work.

We enable the drivers to harness the authority to reason revenue streams, market share and optimize their efficiencies. The business should always remain agile and always striving to re-invent itself in order to stay relevant.


Founded in 2017 by Mazwi Khabela CEO, Nana Matshona as the COO and Kevin Khanye as the CTO.

A group of professionals with a passion for unearthing and showcasing cutting edge opportunities on & for the African continent. We realized that there was a serious lack of expertise especially in some the most sensitive business environments across the greater financial services industries.

It became apparent that the traditional relationships between the first world Software tech companies that have set up operations in our country are not transferring skills at the rate necessary to be able to strengthen our own software tech economies. Instead they keep our software tech fraternities employed but they have direct access to the markets that drives their revenue model.

International companies must account for their contribution. Not entirely through investments alone but apportion that investment to skills transfer. We forage & deliver our markets. As a result we must create the IP that services it as well. It’s a ‘WIN WIN’. We need to retain the credibility of our markets and utilize our professional resources to reason with a great deal more integrity in order to preserve the lucrative potential of these markets for our own consumption.